NCSEA Governance

2023-2024 Year

There is simply no better time to serve and make positive contributions to NCSEA and our profession. 

Nominating Committee Report for the 2023-2024 Governance Year

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: George Caesar, EA, (Chair), Lee Loy, EA, Marche George, EA, Lisa Eyrolles, EA, Gayle George, EA. Gary Boykin, EA, Richard Reedman, EA, USTCP

Ron Powell, EA has recently been added by the Nominating Committee as Director.

The Nominating Committee has compiled the proposed slate of officers and directors for the 2023-2024 governance years as follows:

President:                               James A, Cox, III, EA
Vice President:                      Emily White, EA
Secretary:                               Marche George, EA
Treasurer:                               George Caesar, EA
Immediate Past President:  Laura Bennett, EA

Returning Directors – To complete the 2nd year of their 2-year term:
Richard Reedman, EA, USTCP
Carlton Cavender, EA
Frank Broadway, EA
Randy Alexander, EA

Directors – To Serve a 2 Year Term:
Beverly Henderson, EA
Ron Powell, EA

The election of Officers and Directors will occur at our Annual Meeting which will be held in Myrtle Beach, May 22nd to May 23rd.